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It can be bent to form curved edges as in a freeform pool, but cannot be bent at a 90° angle. Stirrups are manufactured at our plant and can be ordered and manufacturer in 24hrs 90° angles, with no loss of integrity like fiberglass.

With a diamond blade handsaw or a parrot beak cutters. Much easier than steel!

Very minimal. RockRebar® always has slightly less thermal expansion than concrete. Steel always has more allowing micro cracks and moisture intrusion.

Innovation Bridge, University of Miami, Halls river, the Skate Park in Omni Park of Miami

Volcanic rock and no.  Our rebar also contains quartz and Dacron, neither of which are metal.

Our Basalt is mined and refined into fibers in Eastern Europe and Asia (5 locations), but plan to have it mined in western US in near future.  The entire production process is completed here in South Florida.

Yes, approx 1/3 of the earth’s crust is made of Basalt.

3%, same as concrete which means the maximum load put on basalt at the same time of max load of concrete therefore making basalt reinforcement the perfect reinforcement for concrete.

Same specific gravity as concrete so that basalt reinforcement stay exactly where they are put in the concrete where steel would sink to the bottom and fiberglass would float to the top. Also, fiberglass gets stuck in mixers causing a mess where basalt does not. Steel mesh would sink where ours would stay.