Mining and Tunneling 2017-08-01T18:28:13+00:00


The mining industry can affirm that chiseling horizontally or vertically through various layers of hard rock and stone demands the use of high-quality fiberglass rebar.

Even drilling in a marine environment including a subsea or underground water tunnel – such as with offshore drilling rigs – requires fiberglass reinforced rebar.

Anytime there’s a continuous weight load of earth and sediment, even steel reinforcement can be rendered useless over time. For excavations in mining and tunneling projects, materials must be reinforced. Basalt Fiber is an ideal solution for mining and tunneling endeavors. Our rebar is built for endurance, longevity and high-performance, and unlike traditional steel rebar, Basalt Fiber rebar is not subject to corrosion.

As ground stabilization is critical, on either a temporary or permanent basis, you will want extra strength capacity to complete the project safely and on time.