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Citizens are flocking to mass transit these days to save money and they want to do their part to reduce emissions.

Therefore, contracts are awarded to companies to construct new bus stops quickly. These roads should be designed to support the weight of heavy buses; a regular size city bus can weigh anywhere from 25,000 to 40,000 pounds.

Most construction crews normally prepare the surface of the roadway at a bus stop with fiberglass concrete slabs. Ones that have been previously constructed with untreated steel rebar have a short life expectancy – 10 to 15 years max. Any cost savings that came from using inferior materials will be lost when major reconstruction efforts begin. Conversely, concrete slabs, which are reinforced with Basalt Fiber Fiberglass Rebar are built for optimal endurance and should be fully functional for 100 years.

City budget managers who see the value in the initial expenditure will be applauded when they save taxpayers millions in costly repairs. These savings can be reallocated to other transit infrastructures.