The Better Engineering Alternative for Bridges and Overpasses

When used in the construction of bridges and overpasses, basalt fiber rebar has numerous advantages over traditional steel rebar reinforcements due to its beneficial properties. Among these, are its ability to withstand harsh environments while remaining corrosion resistant, fatigue resistant, and electromagnetically transparent.

Basalt is a kind of rock that solidifies during the rapid cooling of lava on the outer crust of the planet. Basalt rebar is made from fibers reinforced with polymers and structural composites. This results in rebar with better strength, along with resistance to abrasion, high temperatures, alkalinity, salt, and acidity, which makes it ideal for the construction of bridge and overpass structures.

Additionally, basalt rebar can be used not only for the construction of new bridges, but also for strengthening older ones. Traditional bridges built using steel rebar reinforcements continually require strengthening and reconstruction due to environmental conditions, which stimulate the formation of rust of corrosion, and concrete spalling.

In fact, the principal cause of deterioration in concrete bridges and overpasses is steel reinforcement corrosion caused from chlorides. Since basalt rebar contains no metals, it resists corrosion and the resultant deterioration, and puts an end to costly maintenance, repairs, and the decreased service life of these structures.

As a result, government agencies have globally recognized the advantages to society when infrastructural bridges and overpasses last longer. As an alternative to steel reinforcement the benefits of this high strength yet lightweight basalt material, with its corrosion resistance, stability, and low lifecycle maintenance costs, make it apparent as an ideal choice.

Basalt America produces basalt rebar that is in meticulous compliance with all CSA and ACI 454 building code requirements, and can be custom fabricated to fit the project’s specifications, in length, shape or bend. This includes coils and helixes, which are necessary for foundations and pilings. In addition, this maintenance-free basalt rebar is carefully assembled in a controlled environment, free from contamination to increase its durability and longevity.

When using basalt as an alternative to steel rebar, bridges and overpasses will last virtually forever. With its durability, strength and longevity, this superior product can ensure performance, while being economically and environmentally friendly.

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