Creating Virtually Maintenance-Free Outdoor Living Areas Using Basalt

Patios, courtyards, balconies, terraces, and pathways are all major features in both private gardens and public spaces. They provide a transition between indoor and outdoor living, offering additional space for entertaining or gathering, acting as an area for private retreat, or by simply being a place to enjoy the outdoors or weather.

This is especially true in locations where a comfortable climate makes these enjoyable year-round, although they can be a benefit to nearly any home or public space, and are increasingly popular even in urban areas. In addition, these areas are often multifunctional and afford extra space for a pool or spa, outdoor kitchen or grill, firepit or fireplace.

These areas may be attached or detached to a house or other structure or be contained open-air within the structure’s walls. They may be situated directly on the ground, or at the top of a residence or building and be open or partially enclosed.

However, one quality that all of these typically have traditionally shared is the use of concrete that has been reinforced with steel rebar. The rebar is intended to minimize cracking, often caused by the concrete shrinking and swelling due to changes in temperature and weather conditions, or breakage from the soil under the slab shifting or sinking over time. Yet, using steel for reinforcement has presented many problems with endurance, longevity, performance and security due to corrosion of the steel. Installing the right rebar is essential to the long-term strength and safety of an outdoor living area. The rebar’s ability to resist corrosion due to water, groundwater, and chemicals can all affect the integrity of concrete, and of course, cracking concrete is an unsafe surface for walking on.

Today, basalt is replacing steel as the reinforcement in concrete for these reasons. It provides more stability than steel and is inherently stronger. Additionally, it is impervious to corrosion due to water or other chemicals, temperature and vibration resistant, and fire-proof.

In addition to the increased safety that basalt reinforced concrete provides, it also affords the maximum value in maintenance costs. Where steel reinforced concrete has a relatively short life span, sometimes only 10-15 years, basalt rebar can retain its integrity for over 100 years, maintenance-free.

Basalt America is using leading edge green technology to produce basalt fiber reinforced polymer products that are two to three times stronger and 75% lighter than steel. These steel replacement products never rust, create virtually no carbon footprint and have lifespans of more than a century.

When used as an alternative to steel rebar for outdoor living areas, they will last virtually forever. With its durability, strength and longevity, this superior product can ensure the performance that’s needed, while being economically and environmentally friendly.

It’s the safe, environmentally friendly, long-lasting, and easy-care choice for those who don’t want to spend their time and money on maintenance. You can now design and build outdoor features that not only look beautiful, but are built to withstand the elements.

If you would like more information on how our basalt products can help you create a virtually maintenance-free outdoor living area, please visit today.

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