Build a Better Sea Wall Using Basalt

Sea walls are constructed to provide protection against coastal flooding and soil erosion. A properly constructed and maintained sea wall can help to prevent both the loss of property and lives. Waterfront properties are highly desirable, and development is increasing to keep up with this demand. However, many of these waterfront areas are at risk for flooding, and are subjected to notable wave activity.

Although the construction of a sea wall may be expensive, it can be an effective solution for the protection of property and lives. Additionally, the value of a property may be greatly increased by the existence of a sea wall that has been kept in good condition. Conversely, a property’s value may be reduced by the need for rehabilitation of its sea wall, or one whose structural integrity is in question.

Therefore, how a sea wall has been constructed and the materials that were used is of utmost importance for safety and security, in addition to its value and maintenance costs. A sea wall must be constructed to withstand not only the constant pummeling of saltwater erosion, spilled chemicals and many other environmental hazards, but even the occasional vessel that may strike and weaken the sea wall, or from debris driven into it during tropical storms or hurricane-force winds.

This is why engineers are now turning to rebar made from naturally occurring basalt rock for its superlative tensile strength, and its immunity to corrosive chemicals, rather than steel rebar. Steel-reinforced walls have a relatively short life span, sometimes only 10-15 years. Precast concrete products that are constructed using steel reinforced rebar, soon begin to deteriorate as water and other elements seep through the cracks, which inevitably occurs. They are also subject to stains when embedded materials disintegrate and begin to rust.

Yet, basalt fiber rebar can retain its integrity for over 100 years. Maintenance-free basalt rebar is the perfect solution for a lightweight yet sturdy, non-porous precast product. These products are carefully assembled in a controlled environment, free from contamination to increase its durability and longevity.

Basalt America is using leading edge green technology to produce basalt fiber reinforced polymer products that are two to three times stronger and 75% lighter than steel. These steel replacement products never rust, create virtually no carbon footprint and have lifespans of more than a century.

When used as an alternative to steel rebar to construct sea walls, they will last virtually forever. With its durability, strength and longevity, this superior product can ensure the performance you need, while being economically and environmentally friendly. Construction companies who want to build sea walls right the first time, demand basalt fiber.

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