Beautiful Basalt for In and Around Swimming Pools and Water Features

Installing a pool is a major investment and purchasing a pool that requires less maintenance is always the best value in the long run. Reinforced concrete is the most common inground pool type, especially for commercial and public swimming pools. It can be used to build any shape or size, but can easily crack and chip with changes in temperature and weather conditions. Both vertical and horizontal rebar, which have been set in concrete, are used to construct these swimming pools or other water features.

When cracking or chipping occurs in concrete, the steel reinforced rebar is subject to rust and corrosion due to exposure to water, pool chemicals, algae, bacteria, and salt, and therefore often requires continual maintenance and draining in order to repair these cracks.

Steel-reinforced concrete has a relatively short life span, and is also subject to stains when the embedded materials disintegrate and begin to rust. This is why engineers are now turning to basalt rebar for its superlative tensile strength, and its immunity to corrosive chemicals, rather than steel rebar. Additionally, basalt does not conduct electricity so the entire pool grid doesn’t have to be grounded.

In fact, this volcanic stone has been used as a long-lasting finishing stone for centuries because of its strength and beauty. Used around pools and water features, it blends seamlessly with the environment, bringing natural elegance and sophistication.

Used within swimming pools and water features, basalt rebar can retain its integrity for over 100 years. Maintenance-free basalt rebar is the perfect solution for a lightweight yet sturdy, non-porous precast product. These products are carefully assembled in a controlled environment, free from contamination to increase its durability and longevity.

Basalt America is using leading edge green technology to produce basalt fiber reinforced polymer products that are two to three times stronger and 75% lighter than steel. These steel replacement products never rust, create virtually no carbon footprint and have lifespans of more than a century.

When used as an alternative to steel rebar to construct swimming pools and water features, they will last virtually forever. With its durability, strength and longevity, this superior product can ensure the performance you need, while being economically and environmentally friendly.

If you would like more information on how our basalt products can help you build a better swimming pool or water feature, please visit today.

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